July 2020 Newsletter

The engineer count in God’s roundhouse increased on June 18th when Joe Zukowski hired on as His newest hostler. 

Joe leaves three younger siblings: Beth, Odette, and Lawrence who all live in Pennsylvania. 

For his friends here, the family is planning a memorial in the near future.  All club members will be notified when arrangements are finalized.  Joe’s desire was cremation followed by burial at sea, conducted by the U.S. Navy. 

From all of us with the CCMRRC, High Green Joe Zukowski !! **************************************************************************************************************** 
This month John Dobbs shares early planning of his On30 logging railroad based on the MR Video Plus Olympia2 Log Blog Series.  See a short description of his bench work plans, construction materials, and equipment  HERE.  We look forward to seeing his progress updates as construction begins.

Last month Dan Mangiaracina added more detail to his portable hands-on layout as he describes here.  “I used Light Gravel for the base, then I put dark gravel for a walkway in front of the Prewar display trains.  I then installed a rope dividing the walkway from the trains.  After putting a sign saying “Prewar Display” in front of the walkway, I put some people on the walk looking at the trains. I put in a Christmas tree lot, and a place to store Christmas packages waiting for delivery by train or by will call.”  See photos of these new details HERE and scroll down the page.

Dan and Bob Mallory share new activity on the Lionel Project Railroad as seen HERE.  Scroll down to the July 1, 2020 Update where you’ll find 5 photos and 3 videos.

Further roundhouse detailing on my railroad can be seen HERE beginning at step 34.

Joining the ranks of CCMRRC puzzlers, Chance Haworth’s Santa Fe 3751 from Cobble Hill Puzzles can be seen HERE.

Lastly, Club members will certainly enjoy and learn much from the National Model Railroad Association’s video clinics available FREE on YouTube.  Typically clinics by Master Model Railroaders (like our own Jim Harper) would only be conducted at National Conventions for NMRA members.  Now with NMRAx, everyone can watch hours and hours of clinics all at NO CHARGE on YouTube.  As of today, there are 64 videos, each approximately 1 hour in length, on subjects such as weathering, wiring, DCC, 3D printing, Arduino, and scratchbuilding (to list only a few subjects) conducted by model railroaders from all over the world.  Click https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l0MYeSwWJqw&list=PLBbDHVLodgxn8otpnudMsHdQMucCzcTWD&index=1 and choose the topics you’d like to watch.

Until August, 
All Aboard !!