Lionel Group Project Railroad

To ensure the railroad is easily transported to different locations during the year, a 3-module design was adopted.  The modules can be arranged in at least five different configurations to accommodate the floor space of nearly any venue.
Bench work began in Jim Harper's garage and then transported to the clubhouse for final assembly where 1" rigid foam was glued to the plywood sub-roadbed and weighted until the adhesive dried.

Several track plans were considered for Module 1 before the dual-loop plan shown below was chosen. 
Next came construction of the town square.  Being exceptionally well detailed yet inexpensive, Ameri-Towne building kits from O Gauge Railroading were chosen, assembled, and temporarily placed.  The final location of each structure would come later after all were built.  Note the simulated interiors visible through the windows.

The service station shown below came assembled from Beyond Infinity Products.

The beginning of the town's central park is shown below.

Each structure is lighted with strip LEDs attached to the board instead of inside the building.  Since no wiring is routed inside a structure (except the gas station), buildings can be lifted off the module when it's transported.  Note the blocks used to properly register each building when reinstalled.

Module 1 was proudly displayed at the Kanab Train Show in February where the following photos and video were recorded.

The next phase of the project's construction is centered on Module 3 which joins the two 96" x 64" modules.  Note the design features tinplate track and supports staging with trains entering and exiting in two different directions (straight through or 90 degrees) depending upon Module 3's location.  The older track was chosen to show the evolution from original tubular style to modern FasTrack design used on Module 1.

Watch for further installments as the Lionel project nears completion and is displayed at future railroad-themed events in southern Utah.

July 1, 2020 Update

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