John Dobbs - On30 Logging Railroad

Modular Layout:  Yard module 18 in. X 6.5 ft.  Other 2 modules 22 in. X 6.5 ft.

Bench Work:

Dry pine frame; Masonite fascia; ½" plywood sub-roadbed; 42" legs plus casters

Micro Engineering On30 track with #5 turnouts
Ring Engineering Rail Pro control system and decoder

John intends to build and maintain this layout in a storage unit.

A second layout John has begun building is portable and will be enjoyed when he's "on the road" away from his home in St. George.  Based on the "Inglenook" design (see it has 2 switching modules (22" x 48") folded over each other with a run-around in the middle as shown below.

  • Kam Konnect system to join the sections together (see
  • Operation - Playing cards will be used to decide car routing.
  • Structures - None
  • Time period - No specific era
  • Locomotive - Diesel locomotive from a body and a Bachmann S4.
  • Rolling Stock - 16 cars (18 scale foot): 4 boxcars, 4 flat cars, 4 tank cars, 4 gondolas
  • Track - Micro Engineering with #5 turnouts

Construction has begun...

May 2021 Update