Lloyd Thomson - HO Scale

8' x 16' structure is freestanding and constructed on a 2x4 frame.  Proto-freelance trackplan approximates Union Pacific in 1955 and will include engine terminal operations, staging / fiddle yard, and logging operations.

1)  Benchwork materials.
2)  Using 1x4 fir, open grid bench work construction is underway and attached to 2x4 frame with 2" drywall screws.

3)  3/8" plywood was glued and screwed to 1x4 frame.  Pink foam insulation board (1 1/2" FOAMULAR 150 Extruded Polystyrene) cut to fit. 
4)  Ten 4' fixtures installed with 32W GE Cool White tubes, 4100 degrees K.

5)  Formed two broad curves with 1/8" hardboard panels and installed with 3/4" wire nails.
6)  Decided against "duckunder" as a means of entrance and exit in favor of this swing gate.

7)  Loctite PL300 used to adhere foam insulation board to plywood benchwork.
8)  Prepping hardboard joints for filler (DAP DRYDex). 
9)  Installing 1/8" hardboard for fascia.
10)  Installed two 4'x8' hardboard panels on "outside" wall.
11)  Using BEHR paint custom mixed at Home Depot, outside wall was painted Harbor Mist gray, Armour Yellow, Vermillion Red.  Colors were scanned from Rivarossi dining car, City of Los Angeles.  I used Adobe Illustrator to draw the artwork.  Rainbow Sign and Banner (St. George, UT) printed and installed graphics. 
12)  Made tight-radius background panels from white .060" PLAS-TEX PolyWall sheet plastic, purchased at Lowes.  Mounted panels with Loctite PL375 general purpose construction adhesive and staples.
13) Backdrop painted eggshell BEHR Charismatic Sky.  Valance and fascia will be painted Harbor Mist gray. 

14)  Pink foam board painted BEHR Stone Brown, matte finish.

15) Completed swing gate and "vestibule" door from outside.  "Frost King" tubing insulation above the door protects against unwanted head wounds. 

16) View from the inside.

17) Outside view of the "passenger car".