January 2021 Newsletter

Hello everyone,

As you recall, members of the G scale Group put the finishing touches on the Dixie Regional Medical Center railroad last February but because of the hospital’s rightful need to maintain a safe patient environment, the layout was not officially dedicated in 2020.  However, the club’s effort didn’t go unrecognized by the pediatric staff as this thoughtful greeting card and heartfelt note demonstrate.  Click HERE to read them.

Christmas Decorations

·       Bob and Nancy Mallory’s outdoor display is HERE.

·       Bryan Osborn’s outdoor display is HERE.

·       Tim and Dana Fitch – “Here’s a short video Christmas Card from our house to the CCMRC!  Thanks and Merry Christmas and cheers to a great New Year!” https://youtu.be/IG71LEufKQ4

·       Larry and Peggy Schneider’s Christmas tree and the “Chinese knock off EZTEC train, a division of Scientific Toys.  Runs on 6 C cell batteries plays music (or not) and goes forward and backward but no remote.”  See it HERE.

 Christmas-themed Videos

·       CP Christmas Train from Bob Mallory.  Click HERE.

·       Kettle Valley Railway from Bruce Klawitter.  Click HERE.

 Club News

·     Using the Trainz.com Grading Standards as a guide, Dave Merrill has categorized Joe Zukowski’s inventory.  Their guide uses a 6-column form, grading the item and the box.  (The box has a significant effect on the value.)  They use that info to quote a price.  You often see the grade rating on an Ebay listing.  Items have been boxed and ready for shipment to Trainz.com.  The graded inventory list has been submitted to them via email.  During normal times it takes them 6-8 weeks to price out the list and send us a contract. 

·     Charlie Job is selling his HO scale layout (7' x 12' table on wheels.)  It comes apart for moving. Lots of locomotives, cars, and structures.   Contact Charlie at 435-216-9462

Click HERE for a short video.

·     Scott Jesienouski from the Color Country T-Trak club: 2020 Hurricane Valley Tree Festival https://photos.app.goo.gl/HEP3EBGj55P5Z62v5

·       Roger and Cathy Talman show us two unique layouts HERE.

Member Railroads

·       Bryan Osborn – shows us new Lionel equipment HERE.  See January 1, 2021 Update.

·       Rick Guercio - 1st 8 feet of 100+ feet of ramps and elevated track.  Wall and ceiling background painted in prep for the artist.  See the newest photos HERE.

·       Ron Smith tells us about his progress.  “Some updated pictures of my 300 feet of track and 2 G-scale trains.  Even my Lionel has been replaced by a G-scale.  This has become my COVID-19 summer and fall project.  It's been a very rewarding, creative experience, I love the landscaping around the railroad as much as creating the track layout.  As you know, all aspects of model railroading are pure delight.   I'll be happy to give you a write-up for the next newsletter.  Thank you for providing the opportunity to share my backyard project.  When I moved to Sunriver 4 years ago, I soon learned that my neighbor, Bryan Enarson, was a model railroad enthusiast.  He encouraged me to place a model train in a small garden area under my patio.  My backyard has a 15’ x 30’ artificial lawn.  The flat cement border is about 5 inches wide.  Bryan said it would be a perfect foundation bed for G-scale track.  I could not resist.  Why not think of the lawn as an alfalfa field surrounded by a train that serves the farm?   From that humble beginning, the layout grew to include a loop beyond the farm, a loop through a ‘living desert,’ and a loop through a small, 1950s town.   100 feet of track expanded to 300 feet.  One train expanded to three.  That's the joy of model railroading.  One addition inspires another.  

May 2021 see the coronavirus fade so we can enjoy sharing our railroad expansions over the past year.  We all look forward to a pending open house in the spring or early summer.

Wishing all of you a Merry Christmas and happy holiday season.”  Click HERE for the update.

General Videos

·       From Werner Balsterholt, Wunderland Hamburg: A Paradise for Model Railway Fans https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w-AvGfN4bJ0

·       From my neighbor Jay Adams, Switchman Asleep (click HERE)

·       From Bruce Klawitter, Christmas-themed Drone Aerial Routines (click HERE)

Railroading News

Southern 4501 - In October 1911, Southern Railway ordered fifteen 2-8-2 Mikados from Baldwin Locomotive Works.  The history of the first locomotive ordered (#4501) is traced in this video which details its construction, use pulling freight with various railroads, minor and major rebuilds, to its current use in excursion service.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hDsmwetbqxI

Pennsylvania Station - Demolition began in 1963 on New York City’s Penn Station to make way for the new Madison Square Garden Center opening five years later.  Remaining below-ground are the 21 tracks and crowded passenger terminal allowing Amtrak and Long Island Rail Road to continue providing service from Midtown Manhattan to Washington, D.C., Boston, and Philadelphia.  The video below traces the structure’s history from the initial design concept in 1901, the construction of four train tunnels under the Hudson and East Rivers, the station’s opening in 1910, its busiest years during WWII, and ultimately its destruction in the name of progress.


Pennsylvania Station Moynihan Train Hall - The United States Post Office building (designed by the same architects as Penn Station and located on 8th Avenue across from Madison Square Garden) was transformed over the course of three years into Moynihan Train Hall, set to open this month.  For an overview of the entire project, click HERE for an edited video taken from a longer New York state promotional announcement.

Canadian Pacific plans to develop hydrogen powered locomotive.


Positive Train Control operational before December 31, 2020.



Well, the 2020 clock has finally expired.  A healthier, safer, more productive year begins today !!

Until February,

All Aboard !!