Rick Guercio - Cedar City American Flyer Railroad

Quite different from Rick's previous layout, this one's more square than rectangular with 3 major sections, the total area measuring about 35' x 33'.  The black rectangles shown on the drawing represent access hatches so Rick is no more than 2 to 3 feet from any part of the layout.  The blue shape is a future lake with some rivers feeding and draining it.  That's where the 2" of rigid foam comes in handy - just gouge it out.

Updated Track Plan (November 2020)


January 1, 2021 Update

February 2021 Update

March 2021 Update

June 2021 Update

February 2023 Update

My Franklin
So I woke up today wanting to do something useful.  Lately I've been seeing all my fellow hobbyists posting videos of their Christmas trains, almost exclusively running around Christmas trees. Not having a tree this year, I decided I would do a video of one of my oldest trains doing a cruise around the year-round Santa's village section of my layout.

To get into the proper frame of mind for this arduous endeavor, I jumped into the train room Jacuzzi after setting the train room's 200 CD player to the Christmas music section.  Unfortunately, a Kenny G Christmas disc came up and I was nearly mellowed to death wading through it and barely survived a self-inflicted pedicure.  So I had to get up my motivation all over again and here is the result.  Merry Christmas everybody. Sorry for the anachronistic mix of locomotive and cars, but my Ben Franklin
loco is in for repairs, so I had to resort to my first childhood loco and favorite, the 336 4-8-4, still smokin' and choo-choo-in'?.