August 2023 Newsletter

Last July 3rd UP 4014 returned to Cheyenne after traveling to the College World Series.  Full details of this latest trip can be found here. 

Club Business

August Luncheon dates  
August 4th and August 18th - Bloomington Country Club at 11:30am.  If you plan to attend, contact Bryan Enarson ( no later than August 2nd and/or August 16th.  NOTE:  Unlike a typical restaurant which welcomes any number of patrons, the country club arranges tables and chairs specifically for our luncheons.  Again, if you plan to attend, contact Bryan at the email above.

Member Marketplace
Carl Machutta has "027" gauge track available for free.  He also has some "O" gauge track for sale at a reasonable price.  Straight is $1.00 each.  Curved at $.40 each.  It does need some clean up and he has the recipe for you to use.  Contact Carl at 

Member sojourns to the world of Trains
National Garden Railroad Convention – Keith Johnson attended the convention.  Here is his description of the things he saw.  Every year, there is a National Garden Railroad Convention held at various locations throughout the country. Locations such as Nashville, Portland, Denver, Chicago have hosted conventions. This year, the 38th convention was hosted by the Bay Area Garden Railroad Society (BAGRS) for the third time and was held at the Santa Clara convention center in Santa Clara, California. The purpose of the convention is to hold various clinics about aspects of garden railroads and to view numerous G-scale layouts throughout the area. This year the convention was held from July 1 through July 8. There were a total of 88 layout open to the public throughout the week. In addition, various activities included the Napa Valley Wine Train tour, a wine country barbecue, a barbecue and train ride hosted by Bachmann, an ice cream social hosted by LGB and a banquet hosted by Accucraft. There was also an exhibit hall that displayed several layouts from regional clubs running actual G-scale trains and included over 40 vendors.
There was an additional post-convention tour of 13 more layouts in the central California region, for a total of over 100 layouts that could be viewed by the public.

There were over 1000 people in attendance from several different states and several countries, including the UK and Australia among others. This convention showed that the G-scale hobby is still active.

Attached are several photos and videos of various layouts and are only a small example of what was available.”  Click HERE.

“PS. I believe the G-scale layouts in the Color Country train club of St. George are just as good (if not better) than many of the layouts I saw at NGRC2023.”

Larry and Peggy Schneider used the German passenger railroad network, including a stop-off at Miniatur Wunderland, to navigate their travels.  Click HERE for photos of the trains and passenger depots comprising the Deutsche Bahn and local passenger networks.

Museum Magic and Mayhem - Tim Fitch reports the recent happenings of the Children's Museum train.  Click HERE to read his descriptions.
Modeling News and Products
Tips for selling your trains – This document is posted to our website under Modeling Resources and details the process of selling your model railroad equipment.  The updated list adds a new business, Model Railroad Sales and Services.

Lee Witten – 20th century Ogden, Utah in HO scale
Rod Stewart – Before relocating the model railroad to England, Stewart commissioned ITLA Scale Models Inc. to build a 25-story skyscraper in HO scale to add to his Grand Street & Three Rivers Railroad.  Follow this link to see an exquisitely crafted model building.
Repair Lionel and MTH equipment – Trainz is making available training courses to repair Lionel and MTH equipment.  (Thanks for the link, Larry.)
Walt Disney Backyard Railroad (Carolwood Pacific Railroad) – Bryan Enarson shares this story with us.  In the Spring of 1948, Walt Disney was a very busy man. The Disney Studio Nurse, Hazel George, suggested he take some time off to visit the Chicago Railroad Fair. Being an enormous train buff, Walt agreed to the trip. He knew his wife, Lillian, and his daughters would not be interested, so he asked his friend and colleague, fellow railroad enthusiast Ward Kimball, to join him on the train ride out to Chicago for the fair.
Walt and Ward had a fantastic time. So fantastic, as a matter of fact, that Walt came home to Los Angeles and told Lilly (and I'm paraphrasing), "That was the most fun I've ever had! I'm building a backyard railroad!" Walt and Lillian started looking for a new home as a 25th anniversary present to themselves. Walt really had no interest in a new home, he just wanted enough room for his railroad. They settled on the perfect plot of land on Carolwood Drive in the Holmby Hills section of Los Angeles, and architects got busy designing the home, while folks at the Disney studio began designing the railroad, complete with bridges, overpasses, and miles of railroad track!
When construction finally began on both, there was a problem. Lilly believed Walt's railroad would be contained on one side of the backyard while Walt believed he had free reign to build the railroad across the entire yard. Lilly told Walt that she had had plans for the big hill in the yard, and that it was to become home to her new flowerbeds.
Walt had to think. They property was already purchased and construction had started. How is he going to get his train AND make sure Lillian also got her flowers? It came to him one day on the way to the Studio. He went in one morning and had the studio attorneys write up a "legal contract" that would permit Walt to build a railroad tunnel UNDER Lilly's flowerbeds. Both Lilly and Walt signed off on the contract, and construction of the railroad tunnel began.
When construction of the tunnel was underway, Walt stopped by one day to see the progress. One of the architects showed Walt the plan for the tunnel, and explained to Walt that the tunnel wouldn't get very dark. With an opening on one side and the other and no turns, the sunlight would shine right through. That drove Walt crazy. He redrew the design of the tunnel under the flowerbeds, making it an S-curve so that his riders were left in total darkness for a moment. When the architect saw it, he told Walt, "Mr. Disney, this is going to cost way more money if we do it your way." Walt responded, "If I was worried about what it cost, I wouldn't do it at all!! We are going to do it right."
This is another one of those stories that's in a ton of books. I picked up some of it from Jim Korkis and his Vault of Walt books (which you can get on Amazon & on Kindle), some of it from Bob Thomas's biography on Walt, and some of it from podcasts and whatever else I can get my hands and ears on! Thank you for reading!!!
Frank Sinatra Lionel
Train Masters of Babylon layout
Lionel 2023 Catalog
Adding water and smoke to an O scale garden railway
Adding diesel sounds to American Flyer
The Orient Express stars in newest Mission: Impossible film: Dead Reckoning Part 1
Split Jaw acquires stainless steel track product line


Poor Track Maintenance and REALLY slow speeds
Track Replacement Machine

Three employees arrested in India rail disaster

Madison Square Garden & Penn Station in new remodeling project

Vermont Rail System recovers from recent flood damage

Tour the Abraham Lincoln rail car

Cab Forward video

UP Big Boy 4014 shoves stalled Manifest over Blair Hill (6/29/2023)

Big Boy operations in Cheyenne, Wyoming 1958 –

Big Boy’s Story Continues
Silvis shop continues work on several projects

Nashville 4-8-4 project reaches milestone with re-wheeling

Santa Fe No. 3751 to appear at LA Union Station event in September

Memorial for Dirt (the cat)

Until September, All Aboard !!

Lloyd Thomson