June 2023 Newsletter

With winter in the rearview mirror, 33 members, spouses, and guests came together at Tim and Dana Fitch’s house for our annual Spring BBQ.  After feasting on BBQ meats and related fixin’s, cookies, ice cream, and a Fitch-made chocolate cake wrapped up the luncheon delights.  Tim designed and 3D printed a napkin holder for each table and Dana added “Happy Mother’s Day” spatulas as a special surprise for all the ladies.  Click HERE for photos of the event.

Club Business
The city of St. George has indicated the CCMRRC must vacate the 100S clubhouse location by June 30th.  A work party consisting primarily of Lionel group members packed up club belongings for moving to a new location (hopefully) or storage if no location can be secured by month’s end.  If anyone has a lead on a 250-300 sq ft building, room, etc. please notify Al Thorne at homeplat@infowest.com as soon as possible.  

The G scale group has created a patriotic-themed consist for the Children’s Museum train to run June and July.  Photos of the caboose Cindy Hansen repainted for the train can be seen HERE.  Scroll down to the June 2023 Update.  Beautiful work, Cindy!

June Luncheon Dates
June 2nd and June 16th - Bloomington Country Club at 11:30am.  If you plan to attend, contact Bryan Enarson (bryanlax@aol.com) no later than May 31st and/or June 14th.  NOTE:  Unlike the typical restaurant which welcomes any number of patrons any time, the country club arranges tables and chairs specifically for our luncheons.  Again, if you plan to attend, contact Bryan at the email above.

Member Projects & Layouts
Jim Harper (Proto:48 modeler) tells us how he’s kept busy lately beginning with an article he wrote in 2015.  “I wrote an article on building an Arrowhead Water train for Leon Fairbanks (former owner of Red Caboose).  I submitted it to the online magazine O Scale Resources and they accepted it for the current issue. I retrieved the train from Leon and offered to bring it to the O Scale National in Denver in June for display on their table. They are excited to see it in person and for their readers at the convention.”  Click HERE to read the article.

“I also finished the 3D printed B&O boxcar kit that was printed in Australia by Ron Hunn, Rich Hunn’s son who runs the Coca Cola plant in Brisbane.  They take a lot of work adding the details but make a very distinct car for the early transportation of automobiles.  I will be showing the car at the O Scale West meet in Santa Clara, CA this weekend and two weeks later in Denver.  Bob Jarvis and Jim Allen will be going also.”  Click HERE to see photos of Jim’s exceptional assembly and painting skills.

CCMRRC Marketplace
Al Thorne’s neighbor is offering a few pieces of postwar Lionel equipment for sale.  Click HERE to review the list and contact Al (homeplat@infowest.com) if you’re interested.

Modeling News
Often track cleaning is a discussion topic between modelers, no matter what the scale might be.  But considering Train Mountain in Chiloquin, Oregon, is the world’s longest miniature railroad with over 36 miles of 7.5” gauge track on 2200 acres, track cleaning takes on a whole new dimension.  Click HERE to see their solution.

Train Table Basics: What to look for when looking for a platform to run trains.

Lionel Trains a look at 1954: Lionel’s finest year; one of three parts

Prototype & Railfanning
Union Pacific Steam Club Update - Big Boy No. 4014 Embarks on the Home Run Express

Rebuilds Rule: Railinc’s analysis of the North American locomotive fleet reveals the size of the total fleet decreased slightly in 2022.

Improperly aligned derail led to BNSF derailment in Washington

Remote-Control Locomotive Technology Puts Humans in Control

Vintage locomotive ready to roll again at Yosemite Mountain Sugar Pine Railroad.

Branching Out
Famous ‘Trolley Graveyard’ Sold to Scrapper

Big Boy Flexes Its Muscles with Positive Train Control

Old Friends: Retired BNSF Engineer Restores Locomotive He Operated for 41 Years


Until July, All Aboard !!