January 2023 Newsletter

Welcome to 2023 everyone! 

This month’s cover photo shows UP5511 and UP3985 safely inside the Railroading Heritage of Midwest America (RRHMA) facility in Silvis, Illinois.  You can find more information on that story below but for now, let's review the CCMRRC accomplishments in 2022.
  • Opened the Children’s Museum G scale layout.
  • Performed needed maintenance to the Lionel layout at the Veteran’s Home in Ivins. 
  • Refurbished two HO layouts; ready for sale.
  • Completed Timber Cove railroad; ready for sale.
  • Sold all remaining HO, HOn3, and N scale items. 
  • Conducted a successful November Layout Tour.

A very big thank you to all the club members involved!

Club Business

President Al Thorne’s Message: “Happy New Year everyone!  The board of directors is meeting on Monday January 9, 2023 and I want to let you know that we would like to hear from you with any comments or concerns that should be discussed.  As president, I want to make sure you are a part of the club.  We will be discussing how we can involve more of you on what the club can be doing.  Your concerns will be addressed so let us know your thoughts.  We will be planning some club get togethers during the year as well.  So let us know your thoughts by email (homplate@infowest.com).  HAPPY NEW YEAR TO YOU AND YOUR FAMILIES!!!”

Last month Larry Schneider began collecting club dues of $25 for 2023.  Be certain to make checks payable to Color Country Model Railroad Club. Dues can be paid by regular or electronic check and sent to the address below.

Larry Schneider
1681 Garnet Ridge Dr.
St George, UT 84790-4922

Once Larry has recorded your dues you will receive an email confirmation. If you don't receive the email confirmation, it means Larry either did not receive your check or he doesn't have your correct email address. The process for mail generally takes 5-7 days to be delivered.  If you decide to mail a check, please notify Larry at 435-688-1150 of your payment.  You can also give your check (or cash) to one of the SunRiver club members at lunch who will forward the payment to Larry.    

January 6th and 20th are this month's luncheon dates at the Bloomington Country Club at 11:30am.  If you plan to attend, contact Bryan Enarson (bryanlax@aol.com) no later than January 4th and/or January 18th.

As you know, photos and videos of our railroads are posted on our website (www.colorcountrytrains.org) under Member Layouts, organized by scale.  Members are encouraged to submit any updates (descriptions along with  photos/videos) to Lloyd Thomson (d.lloyd.thomson@gmail.com) to include on our website.

Train Shows, Modeling, Layouts, Trips

Train Expo Colorado (TECO) - February 4-5, 2023
Kanab Train Show - February 10-11, 2023
Rocky Mountain Train Show - April 1-2, 2023

A few weeks ago, Lee and I visited a friend in Palm Springs and while there, I toured the absolutely awesome layout belonging to the Coachella Valley Model Railroaders (https://www.cvmrr.com/) located in Indio, CA.  For photos I took there, click HERE.  A VERY big thank you to Alex, Jim, and Mark for guiding me around their exquisitely detailed model railroad!

While touring the Sumpter Valley Train & Depot earlier this year, Larry and Peggy Schneider discovered the 2015 Jubilee of Trees G scale layout on display in the depot.  The layout was originally donated to the CCMRRC from a couple living in Kayenta.  Larry, Evelyn and Dick Wilson, Werner Balsterholt, Joe Zukowski and Terry Schramm refurbished the layout or made donations to the project.  The club bought track and other items. After the Jubilee of Trees auction in 2015, the railroad eventually traveled nearly 800 miles to its current home.  Click HERE for Peggy's photos of the layout as well as Larry's cab ride in Sumpter Valley's 2-truck Heisler No. 1306. 

Toy Man Television (Dale and Karyn Angell’s YouTube channel) has just  released Four Garden Railroads for Christmas!.  The video features railroads from the November Layout Tour belonging to Dick Saunders, Larry Schneider, Werner Balsterholt, and Tim Fitch. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F4tMUEGZhgc

This exceptional video detailing the Utah Belt and BNSF Fall River Division in HO scale adds realistic operation to model railroad video production. Elements such as prototypical sounds and camera placements at grade-level bring layout video production to a great new level.(https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BNuk8S6YYo4)

The American Flyer Legacy 2-8-8-2 by Lionel (https://www.trains.com/ctt/news-reviews/reviews/the-american-flyer-legacy-2-8-8-2-by-lionel/)

Salena Zito: A tradition unlike any other.  A conversation with the 29-year-old curator of the Carnegie Science Center’s Miniature Railroad and Village (https://www.post-gazette.com/opinion/insight/2022/12/11/carnegie-science-center-miniature-railroad-village-model-lionel/stories/202212110055

Weathering with an airbrush (https://www.trains.com/mrr/how-to/weathering-with-an-airbrush/

Solar-powered garden railroad building (https://www.trains.com/grw/how-to/projects/solar-powered-garden-railroad-building/)

Prototype, History, and Railfanning

Plowing railroad tracks after winter storm in Donner Pass - December 2022

EMD "EA," "E1," and "E2" Locomotives https://www.american-rails.com/ea12.html

GE Evolution Series Locomotives https://www.american-rails.com/evolution.html

Speaking of GE's EVO series locomotives, here's an absolutely marvelous computer-animation of how a GE ES44 operates. 

EMD or GE - How I Tell 'em Apart? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wnrQ9lCCW8Y

New York Central’s Nigaras – The Best Mainline Steam Engines?

Union Pacific's donation to Railroading Heritage of Midwest America (RRHMA) https://railfan.com/railnews-review-2022-silvis-becomes-rail-preservations-shop-of-dreams/


Here's to the BEST of New Years to everyone !!

Until February, All Aboard !!
Lloyd Thomson