August 2022 Newsletter

Club Business

Children’s Museum Railroad - After conversations between Terry Schramm and the St. George Department of Leisure Services in November 2019, the project began.  A donation from John Drzewiecki provided the track and rolling stock (except caboose).  The camelback locomotive and tender was donated by Ron Smith with sound capabilities installed by Tim Fitch.  At the end of the train is the Paul Bottino-donated caboose.  

The railroad was completed in two visits where Werner Balsterholt, Tim Fitch, Keith Johnson, and Larry Schneider laid, secured, and wired 80+ feet of track after the Museum’s crew finished installing the shelf in the Construction room a few days earlier.  The dedication ceremony was held July 12th when the layout was opened to the public and the Golden Spike (specially designed and crafted by Larry Schneider) was driven.   Click HERE for photos of the entire project from construction through dedication. (Thanks to Peggy Schneider for contributing photos.)  The wall murals seen in the photos were created by local artist, Susan Grove (

The Thunder Junction Train at All Abilities Park reopened after repairs on July 23rd.  Currently the train will be operating Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday 9 am - 1 pm and 4 pm - 8 pm as well as Tuesday and Thursday 9 am - 1 pm.  Click HERE to see our own Keith Johnson dressed for his role as engineer.

On July 16, various items from the CCMRRC’s HO, HOn30, and N equipment inventory were sold to Tom Lantry, Dave Merrill, and Rich Wilson to augment their layouts.  Any last-minute shoppers can review the list HERE.  To liquidate the remaining items, CCMRRC will contact (  ( is not the only such business and a Google search will find others.)

Eventually, all of us will be confronted with disposing our “empires” or collections when the time comes.  Some club members already have established plans to complete this task while others might not be so well organized.  If you need help, click for more information. 

Modeling Idea

If you’re modeling locomotive ready tracks, service areas, and passenger stations, these two YouTube videos show how to add grease, oil, fuel, water, and in the case of steam locos, ashes and cinders on the ballast, ties, and rails. 


Thomas Eckhardt recently spent an afternoon railfanning in the LA area.

Larry and Peggy Schneider are on the road again this summer as he tells us here.  “Found some really kewl railroads.  Have photos from Elko Railroad Park with static engine display.  In Chiloquin, OR, we found the Train Mountain Railroad, a 7 1/2" road with 36 miles of track. It’s truly an amazing venue in the middle of nowhere.  Spent a couple of hours there, road the train, and got a private tour of the facility.  Also, they have a G-scale layout and a small village that is currently under construction.”  For photos from each location, click the links below.

Prototype News & Information

Until September, HERE’s a bit of model train humor.  (Thanks Tom Lantry)

All Aboard !!
Lloyd Thomson