June 2022 Newsletter

It’s June, summer is here, and the year is nearly half gone.  The month includes the year’s longest day, graduations, and of course, Father’s Day.  ENJOY !

Upcoming Dates in June

Lunch at Dede’s Restaurant - June 3 & 17 – Contact Bryan Enarson (bryanlax@aol.com) the Wednesday before to confirm your attendance.

CCMRRC Officer’s Meeting - June 20 - 700S clubhouse at 11:00am

Spring BBQ

Larry Schneider forwarded meeting minutes he took during the event.    Click HERE to read.   Larry also took photos as seen HERE.

A clinic about 3D printing was conducted by Keith Johnson and Tim Fitch.  Click HERE to review the presentation.

Club Project Updates

Lionel Group’s Timber Cove – Bob Mallory forwarded photos of the latest progress.  Click HERE and scroll down to the June 2022 Update.

Recently, Larry Schneider and Keith Johnson reestablished the Pediatric Playroom Railroad to operational status.  Click HERE and scroll down to the June 2022 Update for a video and photos.

Member Layouts

Bryan Enarson forwarded new pictures of his American Flyer layout which now includes 4 steam and 3 diesel engines.  Click HERE and scroll down to the June 2022 Update for photos.


As reported during the Union Pacific Historical Society’s annual convention held in Cheyenne May 11-14, UP announced its plans to donate several iconic locomotives and related equipment to Railroading Heritage of Midwest America located in Silvis, IL. 

  • UP Challenger steam locomotive No. 3985 
  • Santa Fe type 2-10-2 steam locomotive No. 5511 
  • Centennial DDA40X diesel locomotive No. 6936 
  • UP 966B, an un-restored former E9B passenger locomotive 
  • Four coaches and a diner lounge car built in the 1950s 
  • Two business cars: “Selma,” and “Stanford” 
  • A baggage car and a caboose.


RRHMA will also restore the original tender for Union Pacific No. 4014. Restoration of that tender will allow the tender currently used by 4014 to be rejoined with its original locomotive, Challenger No. 3985.  Our friends from Toy Man TV have combined several videos to detail much of the history and current status of this equipment.  Click https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=BS9oK2QIB_I&feature=share to view.

These 18 Train Rides Across America Visit the Prettiest Landscapes


Until July, All Aboard !!
Lloyd Thomson