European Railroads

For September, we're departing from the usual practice of presenting pictures and descriptions of a member's model railroad.  Instead we'll feature pictures Larry and Peggy Schneider snapped of commuter trains, trolleys, and railroad-related subjects in Spain, Portugal, Stockholm, and Norway during their trip in June.

Estacio de Franca Station - Barcelona, Spain
Renfe Operadora is Spain's state-owned railway system operating freight and passenger trains, including high-speed.  Note the speed of 296 KPH (184MPH).

Comboios de Portugal is a state-owned company operating passenger trains.

Trolley car in Batalha, Portugal

Elavador de Gloria - Lisbon, Portugal
Fertagus Commuter Train, Lisbon
Is that Peggy seated on the front stool?

Stockholm Transit - train manufactured by Spanish company CAF.
Children's Zoo Tram
Oslo Central Station
Other images...  

Larry couldn't resist getting into the picture.