Southern Pacific Daylight Locomotive 4449

With the recent focus on the Transcontinental 150th anniversary, and 4014’s maiden journey after restoration, Union Pacific has certainly commanded our attention lately, hasn’t it?  Along with thousands of other railfans, Lee and I chased 4014 westbound from Echo to Ogden, capturing the VIDEO posted on Color Country Model Railroad Club on May 8th. 

And UP’s celebration continues through early August with even more opportunities to view the Steam Team’s masterful restoration efforts.  4014 is currently touring the mid-west before arriving home in Cheyenne on August 8th (click UP.COM>HERITAGE>STEAM SCHEDULE to be taken directly to the schedule).

One steam-era standout (especially for us “left-coasters”) is Southern Pacific’s Daylight passenger service, ably pulled by a series of Northern 4-8-4 locomotives built by Lima Locomotive Works and designated “General Service” (GS-1 through GS4).  One example of SP’s GS-4 class locomotive is SP4449, detailed in this article from Popular Mechanics magazine by Thomas Bentley, July 15, 2019.

Thanks to Larry Schneider for the link to the article.