Doug Whetstone's Railfan Trip - March 6, 2019

Doug says,
"Five of my local railroad buddies and I visited a new asphalt shingle factory an hour from our town (Jefferson City).  We weren't really interested in the manufacturing process but more in the rail operation outside of the facility, although we thoroughly enjoyed the interior tour.  The company brings in 21 different colors of granules, rolls of fiberglass sheeting, as well as hot asphalt, all by rail.  The rolls of fiberglass cloth are 6' in diameter and contain 4.5 miles of material.  WOW!  The various rail cars are shuttled in and out of the facility by a piece of machinery called the Shuttlewagon. Unfortunately, for safety reasons, we weren't allowed in the area where the asphalt and granules are unloaded but we did get to watch the Shuttlewagon remove 3 loaded boxcars from the plant.  I've included some pictures of the cars being pulled from the plant.  It's great being in an area where we're surrounded by trains." 

If you're interested in more information of the Shuttlewagon, click HERE.