January Featured Model Railroad Bryan Enarson

In the words below, our newest G scaler tells us about his journey with model railroading.

"My interest in model railroading began almost 65 years ago.  'Santa' brought me a Gilbert, American Flyer train set; and so it began.  From there I graduated to HO scale railroading, which my father supported with his Athearn car kits and love for modeling.  We created my first HO scale layout in my bedroom.  A 4x8 board complete with scenery, switches, buildings, people, animals; you name it.  Many years later, after my wife and I had our first child, 'Santa' gave me an LGB starter set to go around the Christmas Tree.  That starter set has grown over the past 36 years to the current collection of LGB trains, buildings, scenery, people, and accessories.  Over the next several years, I developed an outdoor garden railway layout in San Diego, CA.

After retiring, my wife Linda and I relocated to St. George 5 years ago.  My first effort was to create a layout for the holiday season in our SunRiver home.  (Many thanks to a very understanding wife.)   [Click here for photos. Ed.]

Now, with the addition of a Man Cave to our SunRiver lifestyle, I am in the process of building a permanent layout in the Man Cave.  The initial layout was shown during the SunRiver Christmas Tour.  The next version of my layout will be an expansion of that initial effort.

People ask me what my layouts represent; a specific city or area of the country?  I tell them simply that  my layouts have always represented what I call 'Bryan's World'.  A world where I alone decide how things will be.  No voting, no committees, no arguments.  I can change things as I wish and change things as often as I want.  I guess you'd say it's my perfect world." 

Thanks Bryan and welcome !!  Additional photos and a video taken at the SunRiver Christmas Tour can be found here.