UP 4014 Restoration Videos

Here are two of the many videos published on Union Pacific's 4014 restoration project

Posted on September 2014, Ed Dickens, Jr. (Union Pacific Railroad Heritage Operations - Senior Manager) describes aspects of the locomotive's move from Pomona, CA to Cheyenne, WY and elements of the restoration up to that date.  He details the reasons why his department chose this particular engine for restoration from the eight Big Boys that still exist.  Great video.

Dale Angell and his wife Karyn (hosts of Toy Man Television) attended Cheyenne Depot Days 2018 and visited the Sherman Hill Model Railroad and train show this year.  Especially interesting in this video from June 2018 is the description of the boiler's reconstruction.  Examples of meticulous cylinder and slide valve machining are proudly shown by the restoration staff.   Another great video.