Wyoming Division Historical Society - Cornville, AZ

Located southwest of Sedona, the massive Wyoming Division Historical Society (http://wyomingdivision.org/index.htm) is an impressive HO scale club layout housed in a 3,750 square foot building.  The layout faithfully models the Union Pacific railroad from Cheyenne to Ogden in 1957.   

Union Pacific steam engines, turbines, and early diesels pull long, through trains that require helper service up Sherman Hill and the Wasatch Mountains.  Lower level staging simulates Chicago, KC, St. Louis east of Cheyenne; LA and Oakland west of Ogden (Colton and Marysville for PFE loading); and OSL route to Portland staging (Granger, Wyoming to Portland).

UP history is preserved by modeling the area and by regular operating sessions that run passenger and freight trains using the procedures and rules of the UP in 1957.  Operating sessions are manned by 4 permanent docents and up to 40-volunteer operators who are modelers from across the nation.  These guest operators fill jobs for Dispatchers, Trainmasters, Yardmasters, Classification Foremen, Hostlers, Road Crews, and Road Switching Crews in 4 - 7 hour sessions.

The layout is open to visitors from 9:00 – 3:30pm Monday through Friday

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