Keith Johnson - G scale (outdoors)

March 2021 Update

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September 2021 Update
(new loop & wind damage)

November 2021 Update

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February 2023 Update
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December 2023 Update
Keith says, "After being very creative about building roadbed and spending a lot of time figuring various angles around curve, I have discovered that my ideas were not very creative. After about 2 to 3 years, my construction technique with exterior glue did not hold up in our weather and sunshine. I have used a different technique for my upper loop that seems to be holding up much better. So I have replaced about 150 feet of the old style roadbed with the new style roadbed. Since it takes about 3 days per 8 foot section (with cutting, gluing and nailing), it took  close to 2 months to replace the old style section. And the new style just looks better."
March 2024 Update