Larry and Peggy Schneider's Summer Travels - David Moffat's Marcia Passenger Car

According to Colorado Encyclopedia, the “Marcia” railroad car served as the private car of David H. Moffat (1839–1911), a prominent banker and railroad builder in Colorado in the late nineteenth century. The luxurious car represents his interest in railroads and efforts to tie Colorado to the national rail network. “Marcia” now stands permanently in the city of Craig in Moffat County, which was named for Moffat and was connected to Denver by one of his many railroads.

In 1906 Moffat bought a private car from the Pullman Company, known for its luxurious sleepers. Richly appointed with leather upholstery and African mahogany, the car cost $24,568. It could sleep twelve people and featured a specially designed dinner table that could seat twelve. Moffat named the car “Marcia” after his daughter. He used it to inspect his railroad line and to interest potential investors.