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Railroad "At-a-Glance"

July 2020 Railroad Update

Tim describes his progress since our last visit.  "The mesa took between 50 & 60 bags of cement & mortar mix and approximately 50 cinder blocks.  The concrete/mortar is colored prior to application (not painted).  The waterfall is nearly complete and I hope to test it in the next couple of weeks.  There are 10 structures planned for the mining town, and each will have a solar powered light inside.  There is much still to do but things are moving along!"

Crystal Mountain Mesa
Different lighting and shadows.  Waterfall is to the left in the photo.

A side view showing the waterfall and the smaller mesa in the middle of the mine loop.
Closer view showing tower bents and mine loop trestle bed.  Also note the third tier mesa (not finished) in front of the tower bents.  This will have a “cap rock” layer added along with some rock/gravel fill.
Tunnel exit.  More detail to be added to the structure after major construction ends.
View looking up at the tunnel entrance and exit.  The middle mesa is to the right and the main line down at the bottom of the photo.

December 2020 Railroad Update

Blasting in the Mine
Tunnel Portals
Mine Interior

Mine Interior

Mining Train 
Caboose Cam
Stock Train
Caboose Cam
April 2021 Update

August 2021 Update

Water wheel powered stamp mill & shuttle cars.

Water wheel water exit trough.

Video of Stamp Mill in operation. 

Centerville Junction: New tier, new switches and sidings.

Centerville Junction: Two-sided station with platforms A & B.

Centerville Junction: Pull through locomotive service building.

March 2023 Update

December 2023 Update

Stamp Mill operating model - click HERE
Cab view (forward direction) - click HERE