Monday, July 28, 2014

The Color Country Model Railroad Club refurbished a small model railroad last year (2013).  This display railroad was shown at the Jubilee of Trees in November, a fund raiser for the Hospital.  It was offered for sale at the Jubilee auction and was sold for $5000.  which made a nice contribution to the fund raiser.

We were asked to provide another  HO model railroad this year that could also be auctioned at the Jubilee.  This small (4x8) railroad is underway.  The club meets every Tuesday afternoon at 2:00 to work on this railroad.  Individual member of the club have been assigned to build structures for this railroad.  You are invited to come and participate.  If you would like to construct a building please come on Tuesday and we will provide you with a kit.

Please contact Dave Merrill (435 656-3449) or Doug Whetstone (435 275-5251)
if you would like to participate in this charity project.  Meetings are at 164 West 100 South St. George.  In building at the end of the driveway.

The club was also asked to build a model railroad for the veterans home in St. George.  The Lionel members of the club are building a Lionel railroad for this project.  Please contact Terry Schramm (435 573-6064) for details and if you would like to participate.

This is a wonderful project and way for the club to contribute to our community.  It is also a good way for us to join together in a cooperative effort.