HO Model Builders and Operators

Chairman:   Dr. Dave Merrill

Members of this group meet every two weeks usually Wednesday afternoon and evening.
Meetings are hosted at various members' homes and consist of model building and railroad operation.  Meetings includes supper together.

Primary activity is working on the construction of the model railroads of members in this group.  Model building includes building, repairing, modifying bench work, track, electrical, scenery, structures, rolling stock, and locomotives.

An operating session is running trains following prototype practices.  The ATSG RR uses a car card system for spotting and retrieving freight cars from industries on the railroad.  The ATSG RR can accommodate 5-6 simultaneous operators with various assignments.  An op session can last 2 or 3 hours without duplicating operations.

Please RSVP to Dave if you plan to participate in an op session.   Mobile 435-760-0419 phone or text.

Date      Where                    Time                        Activity

May 10  Dave's ATSGRR    5:00pm-8:30pm     Op Session

May 21  Dave's ATSGRR    5:00pm-8:30pm     Op Session

The ATSGRR will be holding  construction/op sessions every other Wednesday afternoon and evening.    See schedule under HO Group tab above.   Keep the steam up!