2017 Color Country Business Meeting

Date: April 29, 2017
Location: Home of Jim & Jo Barnes
Delicious BBQ ribs provided by Jim and Jo plus wonderful dishes to accompany the ribs.  A very big THANK YOU to the Barnes for hosting this event.  22 people participated in the BBQ.  Professor Dave Merrill chaired the meeting.

Friday Lunch as of 05/19/2017: 
Chili's Grill 
311 N. Red Cliffs Drive, St. George.

1.    Jubilee of Trees. It was voted to provide our display model railroad at the Jubilee of Trees this year (2017) and construct a charity model railroad for sale at the 2018 Jubilee.  Professor Dave was to inform the Jubilee of our intentions.  Jim Mullen agreed to serve as custodian of the display railroad for the Jubilee and at other venues during the year.  All members agreed to take their turn as monitors of the display railroad during these events.  Jim will coordinate this monitoring activity. Bruce Klawitter will coordinate the construction of the charity layout for the 2018 Jubilee of Trees.
2.   Christmas Party.  December 12, 2017 at the Sky Mountain Golf Estate HOA.  Thomas Eckhart chairman (Subject to approval by Thomas who was not in attendance at the meeting.)

3.   Equipment Inventory.  Evelyn Wilson agreed to keep track of the inventory of model railroad equipment donated to the club.  Terry Schramm will work with her to create this list.  She will then keep track of what where this equipment ends up, if it is sold, given away, used on a charity project, etc.

4.   Model Railroad Tour.  The tour is scheduled for November 3-6, 2017.  Terry Schramm, Al Thorne, and Larry Schneider are co-chairmen of the tour.  Please inform them at your earliest convenience about your intentions to participate in the tour.  There will be an attempt made to coordinate times.   Please try to be available for the whole time scheduled for the days you participate.  This avoids much confusion among our visitors.
5.    Lloyd Thomson agreed to serve as web master for our web site.  Please coordinate with him to post your events and announcements for the individual groups on the web.  He will also contact the chairman of each group to request information for your section of the web site.

6.    Treasurer’s report.  Larry Schneider gave a financial report.  We have the most dues paying members ever.  Thank you for your support of the club.  These funds are used for our social events,  to support our charity project for the Jubilee and other expenses incurred by the club. 

Thanks to everyone for your willingness to assist with the events of the club.  It appears that our organization in groups and for whole club events is working very well.